Stagwhale Design origins and philosophy

One of the benefits of enjoying art is it cultivates our powers of observation, one of the senses we so often take for granted. The pleasure of beauty and visual wonder can bring much enjoyment to life when exercised even just a little.

The forest and mountains of Southern Vancouver Island were my playground as a child and I am fortunate to call this beautiful part of the world my home.

My work as a designer and painter are informed by the awe and wonder I still experience at the natural beauty around me. Sitting on the deck with a friend for morning coffee, gazing at the mountain trees delineated by fog, an image of a humpback whale 'swimming' slowly and gracefully by us through our valley was a profound image that inspired Stagwhale Designs.

As an painter:  I aim to tackle the delightful tangle, humbling ancient forms and the magic of the light filtering through the rainforest canopy; the 'komorebi'. My compositions are designed to bring you into the forest with me. Through imagination and awe we notice more, feel more and respect more. 

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